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I have an MKE AT-94P...that I sent off to be SBR'd. This pistol is now a MP5 clone!! Being that MKE is contracted by HK to produce weapons to their specs on actual HK tooling I would say this would be as close to an HK weapon as possible without having the HK stamp.

Just my .02

---My MP5 clone---
Heckler & Koch Forum
Heckler & Koch Forum

Gemtech MultiMount w/3-Lug adapter.
Heckler & Koch Forum
Heckler & Koch Forum

OK, so having about an hour to spare I was FINIALLY able to take my MKE out for a quick initial break in. All I can say is, "WOW!!" I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS WEAPON!!

I shot (40) rounds of WWB, 115gr FMJ's and (10) rounds of WBB, 147gr HP's. I fired these rounds both suppressed and unsupressed using a Gentech MultiMount suppressor. Using a factory MKE magazine I had zero failures of any sort...funny enough though that when I switched to a HK straight mag I had 2 FTF's. Note that I also switched at that time to 147gr HP's when using the HK mag. I attribute this mainly to needing to be "broken in" and I'm sure this all will iron out after I get about 300-500 rounds down the pipe.

I was having regrets about selling my AR15/9mm SBR but after shooting my MP5 clone all I can say is I have a new found LOVE...and it has Heckler & Koch written all over it!

I took my MP5 out again to put some more rounds down range and all I can say it this SBR is flawless. No FTE's, FTF's, jams, or misfires. She does everything I ever wanted and 10x more. I highly suggest anyone considering getting one to do it NOW and not wait till its too late.

Hope you all enjoyed my little write up and gun porn,
Mike in AZ.
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