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Originally Posted by windancr View Post
In the waist band for a G26.
And My most favorite is the smart carry.
It goes with everything I wear, and sometimes I do "look fat"
at my age, who cares?

I also carry my driver's license and concealed carry license separately from other cards and ID in my wallet. If possible those two cards are in a pocket in a little holder or in the smart carry back "pocket"
(this should be interesting if ever I have to show one or both of them to LEO)

If I loose my purse, I can cancel the credit/debit cards, but I really don't want to loose my 26 or have someone who has already taken my purse know my name, address and have my concealed carry license and wonder if I have something else at my home for them to try to take.
Great input! Thanks for sharing that.
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