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Originally Posted by Mrs.Cicero View Post
I purse carry when my clothes don't allow for anything else. Around the farm right now it's OWB behind my right hip. That's about to change, though, if my new holster ever arrives...
This is an issue that most men can't seem to get through their heads. Yes, carry on the body, especially on the hip attached to a pair of pants is the best method. However, it doesn't mean that it's applicable for all situations and conditions a woman encounters.

Maybe she needs to wear a dress for something? How the hell are you going to put a gun belt on a dress and wear the gun on your hip?

That's why God invented five hundred different ways of packing irons.

Hell, I'm a guy and I don't even carry on the waist or even on the body most of the time. You carry as the situation dictates instead of just swallowing some dogmatic Kool-Aid about dressing around the way you carry.
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