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Originally Posted by hammerkill View Post
With all due respect why didn't any of you knuckleheads buy this stuff when it was cheap and plentiful? I remember buying 1000 rounds at SG for 199.00 just a few years ago.
Well, I for one did. But then you shoot it and need to buy more. Just because you bought it in the past doesn't mean you won't need it still.

I've got about 1200 rounds left right now but I won't shoot any of it until I can buy more.

when I'm down to 1000-1200 rounds of ammo in a particular caliber I consider myself to be out.

For that matter, I'm also out of 9x19. I've got around 800 rounds, but it's even more scarce than 7.62x39 in my area so I'm not firing a round.

I'll probably be doing more fishing then shooting this summer.
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