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It depends what base the alloy is and what type of application the babbit is for.

A plain lead base babbit has around 80% lead, 5% tin and 15% antimony with a melting point around 650 degree.

A lead base coppered has 75% lead, 10% tin 14% Antimony and less than .5% copper and melts around 700 degrees.

A tin base has no lead 90% tin, 7.5% antimony and the rest copper with a melting temp around 725 degrees.

The tin based is a high load high speed babbit and I would say may be what the oil field uses. Babbit is old school and not used nearly as much today as it was in the early 20th century and prior.

Really you could probably make bullets out of any of it but it will take some experimenting to get the hardness you are after and make sure the bullets come out the right sized.

If you can get it for free or very cheap I would say it is worth the effort. Tin prices are also quite high per lb. If the babbit you get is Tin based you could scrap it and use that money to buy a lot of scrap lead.

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