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Originally Posted by OfficerChris View Post
We have enough problems here with other animals, but still the solution cant be to declare a war against the nature - thats sick.
Sometimes they are problems for the enviroment because there are too many, they transmit diseases or other things, but its not like its their decision. The human has a big influence when it comes to this by taking their space to live. As a result you cant handle all animals like pesty little critters and just kill them.

Preserve the nature as good as possible, one day you will regret it if you dont. Thats not hippie ****, thats important.
If we hadn't killed off the buffalo we wouldn't have much in the way of cities and, more importantly, farms in the Midwest that feed millions of people. When a herd of buffalo want to go, they will go and fences don't stop them.

Granted that is an example, but none the less a real one, and really no more extreme than the silly notion of them being cute little creatures who don't mean any harm, like some Disney movie.

Maybe, that rat I shot in the barn was "just turning his life around" and I acted "stupidly" but he was in the feed bin.

Maybe the woodpecker that was trying to drill a hole in the side of my house was looking for his misplace Obamamphone, but I doubt it.

Man is part of the world too and has his destiny to carve a niche out too.

No, I don't think we have ever regretted reducing the buffalo numbers. I don't regret that the last of the grizzlies were cleared out of my area or the fact that there are no wolves around either. I don't feel any guilt about being a human .

PS. we still shoot cougars on sight around our community. Of course we actually live here. We get a tag good for 350 days a year and two bear tags because they are &(^(^ nuisance.

I suppose our experience and the experience of the State Fish and Game commission pales in comparison to the idealistic dreams of some. Rather like the experience of gun owners pales when some liberal dreams of a perfect world without guns.
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