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I like the SxS's and O/U's a lot more than pumps and semi-auto shotguns and I have an affection for the short barrel kind.

The current run of Stoeger coach guns is pretty poor compared to just a couple years ago. Look and feel the rough machine marks left inside the fixed's very ugly! And they cheaper up the wood.

Today I'd probably buy a Russian made Stevens SxS's over the stoeger and there are some nice ones coming out of turkey. A pretty nicely made gun is the Maverick HS-12. It's light, well balanced and feels very nice in the hands.

I think the only gun I regret selling was a Stoeger coach gun that came with really nice walnut. I removed the auto safety, reversed the triggers and added a nice recoil pad...the guy who got it won't find another one like it and it was a real good shooter. I even used to shot trap with it for fun and it did OK!

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