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Originally Posted by NMOFT View Post
Thanks. Back in the day a good friend I used to cast bullets together. We used range scrap mixed with wheel weights. In .38 spl. and .44 spl. they did fine, but at .357 velocities we had to use gas checks or our gun barrels leaded up pretty badly. We also used the same alloy to cast .30 rifle bullets and those need gas checks as well.

I've just now gotten back into it and I'm finding that my .45 200 gr SWCs lead the barrel of my 1911 at around 900 fps. I think the problem is Iím using tumble lube because I don't have a bullet sizing press yet. So my interim solution is to cast harder bullets, especially since I'm going to load some hotter loads for .357 and .45 Colt.

My plan is to cast 50 200gr. SWCs with wheel weights and water quench them, 50 with 10:1 plumbing lead/babbet metal, and 50 1:10 water quenched. I'll load them up and see what leads and what doesn't. Then I'll proceed to the hotter loads.

I recently bought a pair of Ruger Bisley Blackhawks and the bullet sizing equipment will have to wait until my savings account has recovered. In the mean time I can use what I have available and keep on shooting.
I run a heavier and softer bullet at 840fps in 45ACP with tumble lubing and they don't lead. What powder are you using? If it's a fast powder, try backing the load down a little. Or, try a slower powder like Unique if you want to run them that fast and it should work well for you.

If you are already using Unique or similar, disregard my advice.

Also, use the liquid alox as is. I got bad leading and lousy groups when I used various "solutions" such as JPW mixed with the liquid alox.
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