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Originally Posted by Castello Dunhill View Post
Thank you for the replies!

It will be m first gun. And I have no handgun experience.

I am looking for a weapon that I can not only carry, but will be a good home defense weapon as well.

One would think that a 9mm would be a good choice in this situation. But I would hate to buy a 9mm, and then be wishing shortly thereafter that I would have purchased the 40Cal.

Basically, what I am looking for is: First gun, and last gun, all in one. What is the best "Bang, for your buck" if you can only have one?
Are you in the Georgia area if so shoot me a PM as to where you are. I do a lot of pistol marksmanship training along with close quarters marksmanship training and midrange marksmanship training company by carbine marksmanship close quarters and midrange transitioned drills and other shooting techniques.
Harris County GA

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