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Its strictly a matter of preference.. i don't use them but my GF seems to have
her heart set on one (after using her friends)... I told her she needed to Master
her glock by itself.. without anything attach to it... then she could go to other things.
The reason is because people at time start using these things like a crutch.. you can
pick up a nice set of Night sight for about $130... a good laser will run you twice that..

Another thing to keep in mind is Electronics at time fail...and the cheaper the easier
they are to fail..

Drills> trigger control is one of my biggest pet peeve...I bought my Gf a laserlyte
LT-TT Trigger tyme pistol. ($30) its about the size of a standard glock, also weight
but my selling point was the 5.5 lb trigger pull... same as our glocks... it suppose
to work with a laser sight to train... but i didn't care for that and the money for the
laser and laser target was a bit high.. plus they didn't get good reviews... but the
training pistol is great.. she practice just about everything inside the house and
doesn't have to worry about neighbor calling the cops.. LOL IMHO its a great
training tool and you cant beat it for the price.. i pick one up on ebay, but amazon
has them for $38.... as for drills... we have a private shooting range to shoot at and
that's why we get to shoot at nite... and we get to run
like crazy doing all kinds of drills that most ranges
wouldn't let you do...

IMHO... get more range time and find a class (always review them)... You can also
go on Youtube and find loads of drills...
We run one thru the house with our firearms at nite (unloaded) just to get a feel for
how and when to use a light... also learning when to stay PUT!!!... its never a good
idea to go looking for the bad guy.. even in your home...(just something to keep in mind)....
Look for drills that get your heart going... running from one distance to
other... then shooting at target up close...

But again above all... RANGE TIME!!! shoot as often as you can and always go with
a game plan... oh we also do a lot of training with our
AR... she prefers her Ar over the glock and to be honest
she a killer shot with that AR ....

She is working on point shooting (instinctive shooting) and like
it, but you have to work on it..

Bottom line> do you need a Laser... IMO i don't think so, but
if something give you and edge and makes you a better shooter
without always falling back on it... then heck get one.. Same
goes for Night sights.... Again IMO nothing beats a good
flashlight with low/high and strode setting... but that's my
.02 cents.. I would never tell my GF what she could use and
what she couldn't use... I'm not stupid LOL

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