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Development Update!

Ok, so i was sitting there staring at the .223XR drawings and all of a sudden something SO FREAKING OBVIOUS suddenly dawned on me... A POSSIBLE CHEAP AND EASY SOLUTION... so i contacted the guy who's dad makes the sabots for a bunch of other calibers.... and we had a really good talk... discussed a bunch of stuff... he loved the .223XR idea, but said he still didn't have anything ready made and that tooling would cost about $10,000... So i discussed my "cheap and simple" idea with him... and he said he had never thought of it! He also said that it might solve (i think it would solve) product need solutions some of his customers have been begging for (like the government)... So, i'm like; COOL!!! I told him that if he patents it to please put my name on the patent somewhere... and to call me if he needed help with it.

At any rate..... This is just way to simple, easy to make, and cheap to make to just sit around waiting for someone else to do, so i am going to do it myself. I just need to get a couple of fairly inexpensive tools and the material to make the sabot, etc., and get jiggie with it. We may have these soon... prototypes to test, anyway, and i think the prototypes will work from the git go... and... i also found a new plastics distributor that is LOCAL... so i'll call them Monday to find out what they have...
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