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Originally Posted by Retired Squid View Post
..............But I have heard one or two here that seemed to think it was something really special, but am I wondering if I am jaded because of very strong background in small instrument repair, machine shop, electronics, optics and being around guns all my life.
You are already several times more skilled than a Glock certified armorer. An armorer is not - NOT - even close to being comparable to a skilled gunsmith or anyone else with the experience you already have.

That's one of the reasons Glocks are such a reasonably priced gun compared to many. They were specifically designed for slap-together-assembly by monkeys, so that they would not require the skills of a gunsmith during assembly or for most (hardly any actually) repairs. I could teach a bright 12 year old in only about an hour, to completely assemble new Glocks in only a few minutes each. It's that easy.

An armorer gets more training than that of course, because they are expected to understand enough about how the mechanism works so that they can do trouble shooting, but it's still very minimal training & VERY quick to get through it, and does not involve anything you could really call gunsmithing (metal cutting & fitting) at all.
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