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Originally Posted by CrimsonMKII View Post
1st - Congratulations to you!

I'll see your random pistol award and raise you a random $50 award.

What are you considering? I'm thinking about a G20 or G20c, I haven't settled yet.
Well neighbor, I'm not done winning randoms, so I'm not ready to fold. (but not in a position to see your raise either. Well done.)

I want a 34!

Currently I have a 17 & 19 and shoot the 17 at both GSSF and Steel Challenge. I thought about getting something that would open up another division to me or something other than 9mm but I keep coming back to the 34.

Some time in the future you may see me shooting the 17 in Am Civ and the 34 in Competition.

A 20 or 21 would be my second choice.


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