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Mouse Gun +p ?

HI Mas, Ruger recommends against using +p ammo in their LCP. I use +p in all my carry weapons reguardless of caliber and I have seen you recommend +p in most questions you get on SD ammo choice. As a back up weapon (I know you don't think .380 is a good choice as a primary) would you stay with a standard pressure load like Speer 90gr JHP Gold Dot or would you be more inclined to go with Buffalo Bore +p 80gr Tac-XP, assuming a heavier recoil spring and not caring about voiding a factory warranty? This would be used for carry only to avoid beating up the weapon during practice. As a side note B.B. web site recommends that if you are inclined to carry HP in this chambering to back up the first round with a magazine full of non-expanding (100gr +p FNHC) for enough penetration to hit vitals to stop a determined attacker. If this line of thought is correct would Non-expanding FN be better than HP anyway?
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