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Originally Posted by FLIPPER 348 View Post
Bear spray also works quite well on people

........without all the tedious paperwork and legal issues of shooting them!

A gun in the woods does not always need to be fired to deter the 2 legged threat. In my NW woods experience, just having it on my hip has swayed a couple threats from escalating. I do not think paperwork would deter me from defending my life in a situation where I am legally justified using lethal force.

I have choked, ate, inhaled enough CS gas in my life to realize it is not as effective as one wants to believe .. specially if you have deployed and used it. I know what's coming. BIGGEST can I ate: I got a can of CS gas dropped on me fighting out of a foxhole at a 3 way intersection, I ate that stuff straight up. They tossed it into my hole my while driving right next to my position. I threw the can out of the hole, climbed out, and returned fire at the fleeing vehicle just fine. .. minus the puke.

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