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Originally Posted by ArtyGuy View Post
I'm sorry but 4 Soldiers were not going to change the outcome. They also had a great chance of dying. Remember, the contractors were former SEALs-- who on their worst day are still 100x more effective than a terrorist on his best day. But there comes a time when overwhelming odds against you negate your training. One only needs to look at two heroes from Somalia who were eventually awarded the MoH, who were killed protecting a downed aviator. Now in that situation, they had 160th SOAR assets, additional members of SOD-D (Delta) and a Ranger Company. That is a LOT of firepower. It couldn't save MSG Gordon and SFC Shugart-- two of the best trained Soldiers in the world.

In Somalia also had an airborne C2 aircraft and guess what? Even they didn't have a clear picture of what was going on. Why on earth would you think a Combatant Command JOC in Germany magically had some perfect idea of what was happening? It's ludicrous to think they could/did.
They may have made a difference.
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