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Originally Posted by happyguy View Post
That is correct but that is not the extent of their training.

Training for operations outside "the wire" is less than a typical Army unit but early on in Vietnam the USAF learned well that they can't depend on the Army to interdict enemy forces outside "the wire".

But apparently four operators were not enough. Neither would four operators backed by 40 USAF Security Forces be enough.

What exactly would have been enough?

Do you have "special" knowledge of the situation on the ground at the time?

Seriously, when will you stop saying can't? What will it take?

On top of that, we are assuming no regular Army units were available.

There were C130's in Ramstein there are C17 assets available. Bet they would have been happy to give the Army a lift.


Look at my post regarding deployment timelines. That's the reality of it. Guys aren't hanging around the airfield. I've been in the 82nd and 101st-- I know more about deployment sequence timelines than I could have ever wished for after being in those units.

I don't know what you did as a USAF Security Forces Airman. All I'm telling you is that either their mission set changed over the years or the USAF has atrophied their skills. There isn't a situation that would have occurred outside the wire in Iraq or Afghanistan that we would have launched USAF Security Forces to handle. They would have been wildly unprepared. They arent tracking battlespace movements, threat nriefs specific to the terrain, etc. If you want my honest opinion, the Red Horse (Engineers) guys know how to fight better than they do because they operate outside the wire. The Sec Force bubbas are focused only on the airfield. They don't have the responsibility to defend Bagram Airbase or a Khandahar Airfield. They check flight line credentials. There are separate units assigned to defend the base and there is a ground unit responsible for the battle space the airfields are in.

That said, I'm not saying they aren't great Americans or they can't be trained to conduct other mission sets. But as of today, I can't think of a commander who would entertain their employment into a situation like Libya. We might have had Jessica Lynch Part II.
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