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Originally Posted by ArtyGuy View Post

You think 4 SF guys were going to make a difference? If reality was suspended and no friction occurred, they might have had a chance to arrive while hostilities were occurring. However, they would have been severely lacking equipment and ammunition considering why they were in the country to begin with.

They probably would have been able to influence the outcome of a "spontaneous" demonstration if the crowd was not an organized force, which is what the Administration was claiming for how long again?

I suspect if a commander was given the option to deploy them, they quickly determined that based off of information available, those 4 great Americans would not influence the situation and would in all likelihood become casualties themselves.

But it was just a random crowd upset over a video. Remember the old saying "one riot, one Ranger". They wouldn't have been in that much danger and a few extra guns could have turned away a spontaneous mob. Maybe a fly-over would have helped after all the mob wasn't organized according to what the White House said they believed.

So again, when Sec Gates said people have a cartoonish view of military capabilities, he is right. I don't care if 'ole Saint Nock and his 12 Reindeer are President. It doesn't change the fact that we can't beam units into combat. Once it went south in Libya, those guys were ****ed. That's the simple, ugly reality of it.

So I'll say it again. I think things that occurred left of the line should be looked at and not what the woulda, coulda, shouda fantasy military capabilities that people seem to think we have.
In the law Judges instruct jurors that ,if any part of a a witness's testimony is proven to be a lie then anything that witness says may also be treated as false.

It makes it real hard on folks trying to be witnesses backing up this Administrations actions.
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