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I sold the old Wingmaster my father gave me. I had no use for it.

Originally Posted by Jim S. View Post
First off it is a sentimental value gun from his father so I doubt he wants to sell it.
Second there is nothing wrong with using it as a home defense weapon. Don't have to add anything to it either.
A 20" barrel is fine and the 18" won't make it any better or worse.
Easy to add an extension if that makes you feel any better.
4+1 is still pretty awesome in a 12g shotgun.
The only difference will be the older gun can only fire 2 3/4" shells where the newer gun will fire the bigger shells.
Big deal.
The 2 3/4 are fine and have less blast and kick to them.
If money is the issue you will be fine using the old gun.
Someday you can get the Police but for now you are good with the old wing master.
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