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Originally Posted by glocksmith02 View Post
What cops did for years and years is called transition to sidearm, because the shotgun is now useless...

Aippi I saw that a lot during qualifications and scenario based training too. We used to have monthly stress shoots. Honestly, after we did that for a while and everyone put more rounds through the shotguns, proficiency improved a lot. Then we traded for 11-87's.

Rutgersgrad, I just bough a new 870p this week, model 24407. I would be totally uninterested in an express model. The 870p is far superior. That being said I wish I had the wingmaster I bought in 1968 back again. But if I had it, it would be for limited use, and treated like a prize possession.

I actually decided to get a 870P and I love it too . And in case anybody got me confused with another poster on this thread I did not sell my Dad's old Wingmaster. I had my reasons why I decided to get an 870P and I'm happy in my choice For one, my Dad probably wouldn't like if I made any modifications to it so I figured I might as well leave it as is and get my own in the config that I want.

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