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I got mine in the beginning of October 2012 I believe. It may of been late September, so it was before all the scares from the shootings. They have a much longer wait currently I heard. Did you go to the Sheriff's office in Batavia?
yes, the sheriff's office in Batavia. Really nice people there.
They all knew what they were doing, and what was needed for the license. Called before going there, and was given a list of what was needed to take with me.

Filled out paper work there, went to the jail building across road, (parking lots,) and got fingerprinted.
Then back to Sheriff's office to turn in the fingerprint cards.
About two weeks later they called and said to come in and pick up the license.

The longest wait was at the jail. Had to wait while they printed and processed people in and out of the jail.
That was interesting and educational to observe.

Took the training class in Milford. Excellent instructors.
They were current LEO's and/or military, also NRA instructors.
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