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Originally Posted by robbcayman View Post
I think they are running out of money. They have promised to picket a bunch of funerals lately, but haven't shown. Half of their own family congregation has left the "church". I hope their bs game is up.
Am I remembering correctly that this is (or is one of) the groups that do the picketing thing and intentionally stir stuff up so a to create a legal "cause of action" which they then use to sue the person(s) or group they used to create the cause of action to begin with? ?

Along the same lines as those "Sovereign Citizens" groups that spend a lot of time trying to collect settlements in the bogus lawsuits they pursue police, etc., with?

Also somewhat related to that totally bogus "law firm" that was filing all kinds of copyright infringement suits against different publications and websites, sometimes even though they hadn't bothered to acquire legal ownership of the very copyrighted material they used as the basis of their bs nonsense lawsuits?
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