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Beartooth + 800X Chrono Results

Took out the new CED Millennium Chronograph today to run some new loads through it. I was working with some loads that Mcnett gave me for hogs. These were done in Miami at sea level about 83F. 5 Shot averages

G20 6"KKM: 22lb Recoil Spring and Stainless Guide Rod
200Gr Beartooth Gas Checked Flat Points
CCI 350 LP Mag Primers - firm taper crimp
9.0gr 800X 200 BTFP - 1264fps-709ft/lbs
9.3gr 800X 200 BTFP - 1293fps-742ft/lbs
9.6gr 800X 200 BTFP - 1327fps-782ft/lbs
9.8gr 800X 200 BTFP - 1370fps-833ft/lbs
10.0gr 800X 200 BTFP - 1393fps-862ft/lbs

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