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I've hunted with my G20 using a KKM barrel and handloaded Doubletap 200 grain hard cast bullets. I prefer hard cast bullets for hunting and have killed many deer over the years with .45 and .44 mg handloads.

The two meat does I shot with my G20 were complete penetration side to side and both ran a dozen yards before dropping. I've shot them with .375 H&H and had them run farther. I tend to kill a good number of meat animals casually while I'm out clearing trails or checking food plots etc. When I hunt for recreation I do it with a longbow and wood arrows or a flintlock rifle.

Most pistol rounds will function like simple punch presses in animals. You don't tend to get the traumatic damage you will see with a highpower rifle. Course, that's nothing new--the Germans figured out the parameters of somkeless bullet wounding physics a hundred years ago.
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