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Originally Posted by Stupid View Post
Is there really a point that you have enough essentials?
Sure. No doubt about it. For everyone, what constitutes ready, or enough, is a a different answer. But once you have reached what ever goal you have set for essentials, no matter how long it takes, then you start "filling out", which is all the other stuff.

For instance, on the food side, for the wife and I, 2.2 million calories is a years supply of calories. After we reached around 6 million calories in staples and basics, we continue to put back, but mostly comfort foods and things to round out recipes and meals. The odd sale on something we like or want adds to the total every now and then. Last I ran my analyzer, we were over 10million calories.

In the weapons world, we have lots of non-essentials, because we both enjoy them, and we have bought a couple every year.. after 30 years together.. well you get a pretty decent pile..

etc etc
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