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Originally Posted by ratf51 View Post
Alright, the S&P crowd is basically uber-practical but do any of you stock up on what would be considered "non-essentials"? You know, things that you want to have around just because you find pleasure in them. As for me, I play the guitar, so I am thinking of buying extra guitar strings. What say you all?
IMHO, assuming you don't have any unsecured debt, I would suggest getting a second guitar and some extra strings and picks.

For me, yes, I have lots of non-essentials. I like guns and knives. I don't just have them for SHTF, I now have a collection. I like bicycles, I have two, I will get a couple more. I don't think a bent and a folder will be much use in a SHTF, but.... I am also a foodie. I have non-essential food.
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