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Originally posted by wink
I'm new here! I've been a full time Firearms Instructor for my department for 7 years. We use the Glock 9's and 45's. But when I got my hands on the 37, I bought one! Now a couple of us are pushing to get this round approved for our officers as well. We have been doing a lot of testing on it as far as velocity and split-time comparisons of multiple shots between the 9mm and 45acp. This new round is the bees-knees! It's the reason I signed up on this GlockTalk!
Well I will be the first to welcome you to this forum. You will enjoy it. If you dont mind keep us updated if they decide to transfer to the 37. Nothing better for word of mouth advertisment than a Law Enforecement Agency going with a gun for duty use.

Take Care
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