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FWIW, I found the SKU numbers for the new pistols on one of my distributor's sites last night while I was doing some ordering for the shop.

Glock 41 SKU numbers are PG4130101 and PG4130103, which indicate adjustable sights, and a low-cap and hi-cap version. The Glock 41 is more expensive than any of Glock's other pistols to date; based on the wholesale cost I'm seeing, street price will be $779.95 at my shop.

The Glock 42 SKU number is UI4250201, which indicates US-made, fixed sights and a low-capacity (10 or less) magazine. Wholesale price on this is only slightly above the Gen3 models, so our street price should be $539.95.

Actual pricing will, of course, vary by dealer/region/etc. but that should give a general idea.

I was really hoping the 41 would be an "optics ready" competition gun to compete with the M&P CORE and FNX-45 Tactical, and the 42 the long-awaited single-stack 9mm. If the OP's info ends up being correct, I'm much less excited. :(
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