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Me too!!! For the last several years, all of my pistols have been G19 Gen3. Since I picked up the 42, it got me to thinking I need a Gen4. There was a gunshow this weekend so I thought I would go look. Out of approx 10-12 G19 G4 there, the best SN I saw was 008. I started calling the local shops and about the third shop I called had a 000!!! Went straight to shop and picked it up. Made in Austria, flat slide finish, 4 Backstraps w tab on frame, born on 02-04-14. Only 18 days old at purchase. Also found a set of meprolights which are my favorite NS. Today I will give a thorough clean, install NS, polish feed ramp (not necessary I know). I also plan to take the medium beaver tail backstrap and cut approx in half. Saw a recent thread here where a guy did it and made a "Factory Grip Force Adapter" which I an curious to see how it works. And I will pick up a factory OEM extended slide stop lever this week. I am anxious to shoot this one and move it into my CCW slot. G19 "000".
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