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I've read all of Gary Null's books and I'm a big fan of his. For short-term weight loss juicing is a poor choice because you can go crazy calorically (with fruit juice). The results are amazing for specific conditions and ailments.

If you build juicing into your diet gradually the long term effects are very promising.

Lots of people, myself included, went on a juicing craze when the Juiceman infomercials started running. You have to take into account how much sugar you're ingesting on a juice only regime. You have to take into account all the things you're not getting when you go on a juice only diet.

Best solution (for ME) was to integrate the whole-food juice thing into my diet...I quit the bottled stuff and made my own. Now, with the exception of cranberry/raspberry juice, I won't drink anything from a bottle or carton again.

If you are looking to buy a juicer, try Jack Lalane's outperforms and out-juices the Juiceman one...I know because I gave mine away once I got Jack Lalane's model.

Fruit is not cheap...and fruit is not the only thing you should be need to juice your veggies as well.

My favorite juice is carrot-apple I get a real noticable boost from the sugar in it and my eyes are bright and clear...I'm also taking in 300 + calories when I drink this stuff so on my juicing days I usually fill up on salad and tofu and veggies.

Hope this helps, I can go on an on but I'll wait to see if you have any specific questions.
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