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Hacienda Colorado has to be one of my absolute favorites for dinner, and El Amigo in Golden is pretty good too. For lunch, Brother's BBQ is my favorite. They are only in Colorado and have all won awards. As far as a national chain, I go to some, but I can't really say any are my favorites. I've eatan at some of the 5 star, take out a loan to eat at restaurants in Vail, Aspen, etc. but the consistently best meals I have had have been at the Redstone Inn in Redstone, CO. Great food at a very decent price. Outback is pretty good, but the waits can be over an hour. I do like Johnny Carinos too which is fairly new to the Denver area. Qdoba makes pretty decent fast food burritos and I'll settle for Chipotle. I tend to drift towards BBQ and Mexican since my wife is an excellent cook, but does not make Mexican or BBQ much.
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