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Hodgdon H108 - Has anybody tried this in 10mm?

It is a very fine 'ball' powder. It is supposed to be faster than H110, and I read somewhere that it was approximately the same as AA #9. With AA#9 you seem to get pretty good velocity, and you can't get too much powder in there to cause too much pressure.?.?.?.
Powder valley has 8lb H108 for $50....I bought it for 458 SOCOM, but it seems to be decent (and safe) for 10mm.
A 10mm casing will hold approximately 23.0 grains of H108 full to the rim.
I was able to fit about 18 grains of H108 behind a Rem 180 FMJ FP bullet. This was an extremely compressed load. The FMJ did not deform, but some bullets COL was springing back to ~1.270+
I was able to fit about 14 grains behind a 200XTP without deforming the bullet. Up to 16.5 grains would fit, but the HP was swaged nearly closed.

Looking at my notes back in May:
Stock G20
WLP primers (Back before I knew about CCI 350s)
COL ~1.260, H108, 200 XTP
2 shots each loading
grains FPS, FPS
10.0 830, 830
10.5 852, 851
11.0 905, 902
11.5 931, 940
12.0 989, 995
12.5 1036, 1010
13.0 1075, 1046
13.5 1118, 1076

Notes from Early July:
G20 w/6" Jarvis
COL ~1.260, H108, 200 XTP
1 Shot each
grains FPS
13.5 1106
14.1 1112
14.5 1145
15.1 1234
15.7 1256
16.1 1271
Both of these sessions, I didn't know about Waters' Head expansion measurements. All I know is that NONE of the brass had smileys!

I have recently re-visited this powder, and I have built, but not shot, up to 18.0 grains behind a Rem FMJ FN. I will report on these loads the next time I break out the chronograph.

Has anybody else played with this powder?
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