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Originally posted by Texas T
M2, why is the pilot's position in a helo on the right side?
The only reason I know is because you can't take your right hand off the cyclic. The helicopter is unstable and the cyclic is flown constantly, more by pressure than movement.

You can let go of the collective and use your left hand for the radios, etc.

So if the pilot is on the left he would have to swap hands and fly the cyclic with his left hand every time he had to take care of business.

The cyclic being very touchy and needing a good control touch and most people being right handed I guess the controls had to be set up like this.

Of course when you become old and lazy you might spend a lot of time flying the cyclic with your knees.

Wulfenite, That sounds reasonable but there's a collective on the left also. So flying from the left you are still flying the cyclic with your right hand.

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