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Originally posted by scottauld
I went to a Christmas party where a Crock Pot was being used to simmer Apple Cider.

I did that too. I was grocery shopping on a very cold day just before Christmas and a nice lady was giving out samples of hot cider. I used her recipe in my crock pot and it was delicious. Warms you right up, (especially if you add a splash of rum ;f) and it makes the kitchen smell nice too.

Apple cider
Torani Carmel Flavored Syrup (which is also great in coffee)

The cider will take a while to get warm so depending on how much time you have, put on high if you need it quicker, or low if you have more time. If you do use high, be careful not to serve it too hot. I don't really measure the quantities of the carmel syrup, I just throw some in and then taste it to see if it needs more (wait until it is warm though, the flavors are stronger then). Don't add the cinnamon until the mixture gets warm as the cinnamon won't mix in well cold.
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