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Armscor 9mm (FMJ) sells for about P14 per round, for factory ammo, at my gun range (Northstar). Well, you know that "range ammo" reloads sell for about half that or a little less (they tend to be less pwerful than factory ammo too), and reloaded ammo. that you can get directly (not through a range) would be cheaper pa (my friend gets his for about P5 a round.)

It is generally recommended that the first several hundred rounds through a new gun be factory ammo - the recoil springs are still stiff.

Other BOG members say that somewhat off-spec./seconds ammo is available at the Armscor factory at something like P8? P9? per round.

I have a Tanfoglio Combat model, which as you know has a design similar to the CZ75. A very good design, in my opinion (but a rather heavy DA first-pull: 13.5 pounds or thereabouts for the Tanfoglio, so I usually shoot just SA, which is of course easy to do in a CZ-design pistol as it can be carried cocked-and-locked.).

There seem to be plenty of CZ owners in the Philippines, and in BOG. Enjoy your new CZ85b.
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