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Guess this is as good a first post as any.

I was a cadet in CAP until I started college last semester (I'm 19 - I know, I could still go, but meeting nights and school nights coincide). Made it to C/CMSgt in about a year and a half, was flight sgt., had attended an Encampment (USAFA baby!), and it was overall a great experience. My squadron wasn't very big or active, though. We had no planes and hardly any access to any, and although our officers kept wanting to get into GSAR, it never happened. Other local squadrons are hot and heavy into GSAR - just goes to show that you should pick your squadron carefully depending on what your goal as a member is. I'm assuming the original poster would be joining as a senior member? Bring some good skills and knowledge, as well as just be a cool guy, and you'll be welcomed among the cadets.


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