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Thanks so much for the advice. I thought I'd give you an update if you are still around. A few weeks ago, my wife agreed to attend a ladies-only basic NRA pistol course with a girlfriend. It was the typical "I will if she will" thing. They both had husbands with guns in the house.

She enjoyed the course and expressed an interest in the NRA's marksmanship qualification program. We went to the range today where she qualified as "pro-marksman" by placing 5 shots into each of 10 nine-inch paper plates at 15 feet. She was actually an excellent shot needing only 53 rounds to complete the 50 round course of fire.

We also took my seven year old son who shot a .22 rifle along side us. She got to see him behaving safely and really enjoying shooting. It was a very positive experience.

On the way to the range she even went so far as to ask, "so what does it take to get your CHL?". After our range trip, we decided to order all of the NRA patches and awards that go with the various levels of the marksmanship program. That seems to say that she's enjoying herself at least a little.

Well, I just wanted to say "thanks" and let you know that your advice was spot-on, especially the NRA ladies-only course, no pressure, be safe and responsible around the house, etc.

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