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Hey Sherman, You got my food processor! I looked around too and decided that no more than I would use it, I would rather invest the big bucks in good knives. I have never regretted it.

Branspop, if you plan on using it daily and big batches go for a really nice Cuisinart (that ain't spelled right...). If infrequently, try a $30 B&D first. If you burn the gears out of it, you haven't lost much That was my way of thinking anyway. They also make a tiny $30-40 Cuisinart for small jobs that might work if you ain't going to do big batches too.

Another gizmo that I have found myself using so many times in my kitchen is my "boat motor" blender. I got a super heavy duty stick blender. I can't remember the specifics right now. If you want to know more, I can dig it out for you-our kitchen is being remodeled-as in we are currently missing a wall and it looks like two tornadoes and a hurricane followed by a snowstorm came through our house!

I got a $10 boat motor for Christmas one year. Burned that baby up in no time. So I bought another one. Did it again. I replaced it with a heavy duty one and have had it for about five years now. Of course, I make super-thick milkshakes with mine which is not good for the cheap ones. Also is great for lump free gravy-just be careful you keep from picking it up out of the pan;P
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