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Re: Fried Potatoes

Originally posted by DWavs
Was thinking about frying up some potatoes to go with a steak for dinner. Do I need to boil them for awhile before I slice and fry? Also, any suggestions on spices to add for frying?

THAT'S why i could NEVER do atkins -- i LOVE my fried potatoes WAAAYYYY too much!!! i'd rather eat steak and fried potatoes than anything else in the world!!

no need to boil em. just some oil in the pan, peel 'em first, then slice and fry 'em up. and just before they are done throw in some chopped onions -- that's the secret to good tasting fried potatoes. but don't throw 'em in too soon or they'll cook up too long, burn and ruin them. just long enough to extract the flavor of the onion. then i top them with salt and black pepper.

now as much as i use olive oil i ONLY use vegetable oil for my fried potatoes. BUT if i'm making them more like Italian home fries then i DO NOT peel them and i use olive oil and doctor them up with oregano, basil, garlic, paprika, and then sprinkle romano or parmesan cheese on them with salt and black pepper.

OK -- now I want some!!! ;f
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