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I prefer the taters peeled, boiled til soft, not mushy, and then let cool so I can slice them.
Fried in canola oil, salt and pepper. Thats it.

If I fix mashed potatos, I always cook a few extra for frying. They keep in the 'fridge several days.

But with steaks, I prefer the large english style chips instead of hash browns or fried potatos.

I peel a couple of large baking style Russetts, and slice them into about 6 large chips. Some people call them Jo-jo's or Joe's...

Cook in 325 degree canola oil 2 to 3 minutes. Then remove and drain.
When all the chips have had this pre-fry, and have cooled, I bump the temp to 350 and finish frying them.

They turn out dry and flaky in the middle and golden brown and crisp on the outside.
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