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Helped a friend move a couple weeks ago and afterward me and the guys get to pounding some beers. The guy that lives next door comes over as he knows my friend and he and I start talking. Turns out he is a huge gun nut like myself and all of us end up going over to his house to check out his gun collection. After that we are all just BS'ing at the bar in his rec room and smoking fine cigars that this guy supplied us with (very cool neighbor BTW, wish he lived next door to me). Well the guy pull this glass jug out from behind the bar. Its a clear liquid with LOTS of peppers in it. The bottle had some kind of wicked strong vodka with HABENERO's all soaking in it. He asked us if we liked hot stuff and me and one of my braver friends spoke up and he poured us a shot. It was the hottest **** I have ever had in my life. It made me spit for 45 minutes at least. My bud light tasted like maple syrup after downing that stuff, it was the wierdest thing.
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