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All loads below are Winchester formed brass.
CCI-350 primers
COL 1.285" (The longest that would function in my G29 magazines).

Measured velocities are from a 3.8" Barsto Barrel in a Glock 29. Chronograph is at 8 feet, and all are 5-shot averages.

95 grain Remington FMJ (For 380 Auto)
13.3 grains 800X (Primer falls out at 14.2 grains in MY gun, so this is MY max safe load of 94%)
1772 FPS

95 grain Rem FMJ
9.8 Grains Universal Clays (same as above, primer falls out at 10.5)
1677 FPS
3/20/04 Update
9.4 Universal Clays produced the desired MAX .4290 head expansion
9.8 produces more than .4290 Head expansion for some rounds in MY GUN!

95 grain Rem FMJ
20.0 grains H108 (Case FULL. H108 is similar to AA#9 from what I understand)
1656 FPS

95 grain Rem FMJ
21.5 grains H110 (Case Full)
1556 FPS

147 Speer Gold Dot
11.0 grains 800X (From McNett)
1438 FPS
Need to investigate this load. It produces a few rounds with higher than desired head expansion in my gun. 4/5/04

147 Silvertip
15.6 grains H108 (Compressed load Hollowpoint slightly deformed)
1306 FPS

147 XTP
15.6 grains H108 (Compressed load Hollowpoint slightly deformed)
1351 FPS
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