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I was one of the lucky few National Guard and Reserves that got the Army flight school before it was closed to them in about 66.

In the Guard Unit I generally flew more than any 3 other pilots trying to build up time to get a flying job.
I flew a lot on my own time.
Once the Maintenance Officer asked me if I thought this was my own private flying club.

In 66, back at the Army flight school as an instructor I averaged about 3 hours a day.
Then also, I flew my Stinson and also "noonlighted" instructing helicopters and fixed wing, for a few more hours logged a week.

Flying in the Gulf, was a big time builder. I was on mostly 7 to 8 hour a day jobs. That was with a 14 hour duty day.
Again flying more than a lot of the other pilots.

In 1989 they gave me an award for 10,000 hours with the company.
A while before that Bell Helicopter gave me a safety award for 9,000 accident free hours in Bell helicopters.

A few years later someone checked the computers for high time in aircraft.
I had the high time with about 13,000 hours in the Bell 206 series.

Anyhow I retired with 22,917 hours logged and at least another 4 or 5 hundred that I never logged.

I'm still flying a PPC but flight time comes slow in that bird.
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