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Using the Waters' method these show similar or less head expansion than DoubleTap in MY gun.
Stock G29
New Winchester Brass
Rem 2 1/2 primers (Be careful if using CCI-350s)
Remington 180 FMJ
COL 1.265"
~ 80F
5-shot strings
12.7 HS-7 Lo=1192 Hi=1213 ES=21 A=1202 SD=9
12.9 HS-7 Lo=1209 Hi=1255 ES=46 A=1237 SD=18

Doesn't beat 800X, but not bad.
I did load workups from 10.2 grains. I do NOT recommend HS-7 for downloading. It doesn't seem to burn cleanly at the lower pressures. It leaves powder in the barrel and if you had a tight chamber you might have difficulty.

BTW, if anybody is interested:
17.0 grains of H108 behind a Rem 180 FMJ CCI-350s produce similar head expansion to DoubleTap. From a 5" 1911 produce 1308 FPS. This is an compressed load, and will deform 180 hollow points.
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