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I am getting tired of throwing away brass when the primer falls out, so I am working up to what I consider a safe head expansion in MY gun.
There is no factory ammo available for Waters' method pressure workups. So, I used similar head expansion as DoubleTap in my Jarvis 10mm and 1911 10mm. Suprisingly, the average and max head expansion for both of those barrels with DoubleTap is the same...Both my Jarvis and 1911 show max head expansions with DoubleTap as .4290" (My Stock Glock barrels max at .4345 with DoubleTap)
With my Barsto 9X25 barrel, primers start to fall out at .4296+ and bulges start at .4230+...I am shooting for a load that AVERAGES about .4285 and NEVER goes above .4290

Glock 29 3.8" Barsto 9X25 Barrel. Headspace set to -.002" to allow for SOME dirtiness to the barrel.

Winchester formed brass (none of it new)
Rem 2 1/2 primers (Use caution with CCI-350s)
COL 1.285 (The longest that will fit in my Magazines)
Winchester 115 FMJ designed for the 9mm Luger. (Not optimal, but I have Thousands on hand...)
I worked HS-7 up from 11.8. It doesn't burn cleanly at the lower powder charges and I had some difficulty with unburnt powder preventing complete chambering. I had to push the slide forward to get full chambering.
14.9 grains HS-7 Lo=1599 Hi=1652 ES=53 A=1622 SD=20
15.1 grains HS-7 Lo=1614 Hi=1661 ES=47 A=1631 SD=25
15.3 grains HS-7 Lo=1626 Hi=1671 ES=45 A=1640 SD=18

8.8 grains AA#2I Lo=1409 Hi=1443 ES=34 A=1427 SD=11
8.5 grains Universal Clays (Raining the day I shot this, but head expansion max is .4290")

147 Silvertip:
10.0 grains VV n105 Lo=1191 Hi=1219 ES=28 A=1208 SD=11
10.3 grains VV n105 Lo=1220 Hi=1232 ES=12 A=1224 SD=6
10.6 grains VV n105 Lo=1235 Hi=1257 ES=22 A=1249 SD=8

This is the tip of the experiment for N105. Head expansion is nowhere NEAR .4290 This powder has the potential to match 800X. I have seen 800X-like velocities in 10mm.
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