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I'm with AZ on this one. I wouldn't want anyone who felt like Gary does watching my six should I be overseas right now. I could care less if he could be the most high-speed, low-drag Airborne, Ranger, SF, SEAL, or what-have-you with a chestfull of medals and years of combat experience. It is not a judgement on the man, but a judgement of the man's attitude.

Based on my limited military experience (I only served for a total of 12 years), I've had to deal with enough fellow soldiers with negative attitudes to know that I would rather man a foxhole by myself rather than share it with someone who will probably spend more of his time whining about the situation instead of watching my six. I've been there and done that and there is nothing more irritating and disgusting than having to pull someone else's slack.

I would rather face danger with the likes of (the late) SGT Pat Tillman (God bless him and his family) than some "hero" who doesn't believe what they are doing. Nothing personal, but badges mean diddly-squat when the chips are down (I have three myself). I could never trust someone who did not believe in what he was doing anymore than I could trust someone who was forced into service (i.e. draftee). JM2CW.

insightAZ, you keep you head down and watch your six. I tried to volunteer but they won't take me anymore for medical reasons. :(
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