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Originally posted by RussP
Hey, Carlos, I'll take my own advice and read some more, get to know more about Gary and insightAZ.

Are you going to the Old Dominion Gun Show at the Rivanna Volunteer Fire Company? I'm trying to get my son-in-law to go with me Sunday. He lives about ten minutes from there.


Okay, gentlemen, in the future I'll try to follow my own advice before giving it... ;f
Unfortunately, my Father (a Combat Veteran of WWII and a survivor of the Bataan Death march) broke his hip when he fell early Thursday morning. So I drove up to Baltimore where he is to see him and will not be making it back in time to make it to the Gun Show Sunday. He just got out of ICU this afternoon but is still in severe pain from the operation.

He's 88 years old and has Type II Diabates, 2 pacemakers, has had a stroke (29 years ago), a quadruple bypass (19 years ago), and various other ailments. We fear that he may be on the last legs of his life. So I'm trying to spend as much time as possible. God only knows how many Veterans of the Bataan Death March are still alive today.

I would appreciate any prayers for this member of teh "Greatest Generation".
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