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I thought about it...

Went down to the Marine Recruiter. Every thing was going well until I got on the scale. I'm 5'9 and I weight 210lbs at the time. Very fit and muscler. But in older to reenlist. I had to met the hight and weight standard with out the aid of body fat count.

Which sucks cause he called other recruiter in to get them to guess my weight and they came up with the same weight he figured..180lbs

So I tried to lose the weight but it was way too hard. Losing fat is easy. Losing mucles is another story. I guess my workout standard did change with I got out.

But if they took me back as is I would go in a heart beat. Rather be an instructor to help keep my boys alive. Survial skills is the key..
But tell one more story. Like Sgt Tillman, I had friend who called me two days after 9/11 and asked it I would go down to the Army Recruiter with him, to make sure he was getting the best deal possible. With in a month he was off serving his country also. He wrote me a letter while he was in boot camp saying he wished he have joined sooner.

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