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HS-7 burns cleaner with Magnum primers. Bass Pro didn't have a full 1K of Federal 155s, so I bought 1K of CCI-350s.

180 Remington FMJ
COL 1.265"
Used Winchester brass
5-shot groups from a G29 Stock Barrel
12.0 HS-7 Lo=1166, Hi=1233, ES=67, A=1207, SD=29
12.2 HS-7 Lo=1173, Hi=1236, ES=63, A=1195, SD=28 -DROP

I would choose 12.0 because 12.2 had a velocity drop, and 12.4 had a slight smiley.

I was running out of powder, so I didn't get to shoot very many rounds with 200XTPs:

200 XTP
COL 1.265"
Used Winchester Brass
3-shot group from a stock G29
10.0 HS-7 Lo=1051, Hi=1060, ES=9, A=1054, SD=4

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