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HELP: Qs radio operators license

hey, can somebody tell me what classification of license do you need as a General radio operator for operating a scanner mobile on your person?

I contact one of those tv/radio station that offers the testing and never got any information back and the FCC website was pretty much very difficult as to the parts that's need for the appropiate license that I think I need.

Can somebody break down the testing and application proccess in gaining a license?

also if you have any suggestion of a good book for studying let me know. I recently bought the Amateur Radio "general class" ( 2nd level ) at my local Radio Shack last year for $2.00, it's a interesting book.

I asked borders to order the "technican Class " book but they never came thru on it. I also missed two of my Local HAM club meeting and was trying to show up just to check it out plus talk to somebody about this and determine what all that I need or don't need . I 'm pretty sure that I don't need morse code.
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